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2015 World Championship Estona

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Sailing World Magazine Video

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2011 DN European Championships

CNN's three part video report on the 2011 DN European Championship sailed in Estonia.
1. Sailing On Ice

2. Battling It Out
3. A Special Group

Hoop's Ride

Get a real feel for what it's like to sail a DN with C2 components as you watch John Harper sail a couple of laps on Sand Lake in Michigan.

The Gods of Speed

Classic ice boat video about the 2003 European DN Championships when Ron Sherry was defending champion.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Ron Sherry Talks DN Ice Boating: A 6 Part Series

PART 1 of 6
Growing up ice boating, sailing skimmers with his three children, regatta preparation, regatta nerves, describing the "perfect start" to an ice boat race.
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PART 2 of 6
The "perfect start", continued, North American vs. European starts, gullwing plank composition & deflection, "you must make the plank like a tree", plank and mast working together, mast, light air sailing, runner preparation, laser light device for straight edges, not working on runners while they are too hot.
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Runners, using string gauge to ensure runners parallel to each other and perpendicular to boat, using a hound-to-base mast template, ensuring runners are tight in front and back of chock, why the most important time for runner alignment is downwind, deciding which runners to use, making runners dull in front & back & sharp in middle, minimum t-runners, pivot point.
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PART 4 of 6
Sails, training regimen, side and head stay discussion, boom position, mast rotation, plank position.
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PART 5 of 6
Plank position, finding the range of stiffness for the widest
gains going upwind and downwind, runner discussion
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PART 6 of 6
Should the DN class limit the amount of runners?
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Three Generations of Sherrys Talk Sailing

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3