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Composite Concepts, Inc.

After fifteen years of sail making experience including a job building composite masts for America's Cup boats, Ron Sherry started Composite Concepts, Inc. in 1995 with the goal to develop the most durable and fastest components for ice boats and sail boats.

With assistance during the early years of the company from Michigan ice boater,
Jack Jacobs, Composite Concepts has grown to become a top supplier of composite masts, ice boat runners, and custom ice boat hardware..

As a five-time ice boat world champion title holder, Ron Sherry's philosophy is to freely and willingly share his knowledge gained through innovation and investigation of new technologies with all sailors because, "the faster I can help to make other ice boaters, the faster I'm going to be".

Composite Concepts mast and runner designs are evaluated using finite analysis to better design components that will last and are fast.

As the years have progressed and mast technology has improved, Composite Concepts has adapted to innovation with masts that are two thirds of the costs of the competition and have won the last nine North American DN ice boating championships and four out of the last five DN World ice boating championships.

Located in Clinton Township, Michigan, Composite Concepts offers reasonably priced components for world's best ice boat sailors in North America and Europe.

Ron Sherry

Ron started his sailing career racing Thistles and ice boats at the age of nine. He did his Detroit Regional Yacht-Sailing Association (DRYA) Junior Sailing out of Crescent Sail Yacht Club (CSYC) in the 1970s where he was 2 time DRYA Junior Sailor of the year.

A short list of his sailing accomplishments include 26 Port Huron to Mackinac races; 18 Chicago to Mackinac races with several class and overall victories; helmsman on board Bill Alcott's Equation for the last 15 years; Southern Ocean Racing Conference (SORC) overall winner in 1987 as helmsman and trimmer on Sprint; competed in the 1984 Olympic trials in the Tornado class with his father, Lorne Sherry; National and Midwinter's champion in the Thistle class, S2-7.9 class, Beneteau 36.7 class; 3rd in the Etchells North Americans.

Ron was a sail maker for 15 years and built America's Cup masts at Offshore Spars where he worked for 3 years.

In 1995 Ron started Composite Concepts where he continues to successfully build ice boats and other custom composite fabrications. Ron is the current world and North American champion in the DN ice boat class, has won 5 world championships, and 9 North American championships.

Ron's philosophy is to share his knowledge and technology with all sailors, "because the faster other sailors are, the faster I will be. Fast is FUN."

Ron's three children, Caroline, TJ, and Griffin, have all had very successful junior sailing careers. Ron believes in making sure their equipment is perfectly tuned, rigged, safe, and ready to race. Then he lets his kids and their coaches do their jobs.

To learn more about Ron visit US Sailing's first '2011 Sailor of the Month' or
Sailing World's '20 minutes with World Champion Ron Sherry'

DN Ice Boat

The DN is the largest iceboat class in the world. It was named because it was the winner of an iceboat design contest sponsored by the Detroit News in 1937. Carrying 60 square feet of sail, it offers spirited performance and a lot of very competitive sailing. Ice yachters of all ages find the DNs demands in competition a satisfying challenge. In addition, the DN is the only current design which offers truly international racing, with active fleets throughout Europe and Russia.
Learn more at the DN Ice Yachting Association website.


Sail area: 60 sq. feet
Length: 12 feet
Hull width: 21 inches
Mast length: 16 feet
Runner plank length: 8 feet
Number of runners: 3
Hull material: wood
Typical weight: 100-150 lbs.