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Split Screen Video
with Captions
See what's in Ron's head and how he works the boat during a race.
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Hoop's Ride

Get a real feel for what it's like to sail a DN with C2 components as you watch John Harper sail a couple of laps on Sand Lake in Michigan.

Ron Returns to Russia
Asia Cup of Baikal
Cup of Russia

April 4-12, 2015
DN Regatta on Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Ron Takes Baikal Cup!

Photo courtesy of Anya Sannikova
The Baikal Cup was called complete Monday on Lake Baikal. The wind never settled in and racing was cancelled. Final results here.

Baikal Cup Preliminary Results

The container that brought the boats via the Siberian Express Railroad
Click here for preliminary results for the Baikal Cup

Asia Cup Complete

Sunday, April 5, 2015
The 2015 Asia Cup is complete and won by Ron. Results here via scorer Natali Burdukovskaya. Ron is able to send a few texts but isn't having much luck connecting to the internet. Ron reports "moved plank back, mast step forward, and used old ABSS."

The Beauty of Baikal 2015

It's Ron!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Leon and I just before boarding the airplane.

Saturday, March 14, 2015
Leon and I finally have our airline tickets to Irkutsk, Russia where we will take a bus to Lake Baikal. It is quite an adventure just to get that far. Getting the Russian visa was an odyssey in and of itself. Anyone who decides to make this trip should allow themselves plenty of time and patience when it comes to acquiring a Russian visa. Don’t forget to sign and date the form before you send it along with your passport picture to the Russian embassy. We learned the hard way!

We learned from IDNIYRA European Commodore Joerg Bohn G737 this morning that
R-5 has confirmed that we will sail in Uyuga at Little Sea Bay in the Sarma Region. This is the same location where we sailed in 2013. It is a spectacularly beautiful place with a Buddhist Stupa at which countless individuals have come to remember loved ones and worship without regard to religious affiliation. It is located on its own island that we accessed via hovercraft. The spiritual nature of the monument can be clearly felt among the personal memorials left by its visitors and worshipers.

Uyuga is also where the famous “Ron on the Rocks” photo was taken by Danny Connell US1630. Leon and I will try to reenact some of the old fun, create a lot of new fun, and keep you updated if possible. A full report will be available when we return. Dideric H67 and his wife Alexandra will be there so you can look forward to their reports as well.

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